Anger Management counselling in Northampton- help control anger and rage

Counselling for Anger

Anger Management Counselling in Northampton -contral rage

What is making you angry?  

Could it be....  

That you have been judged?

There has been an injustice?  

You are not being listened to or heard? 




Being threatened?

Feeling under threat?  




Your frightened?


Seek anger management!

Anger Management Counsellor

Anger Counselling & Management in Northampton help yourself control rage


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Understanding Anger

Anger management & Counselling in Northamptonshir-helps create a clearer picture

Just to name a few feelings.

Anger is a natural response and can be made up of lots of different feelings.

The problem with anger is that it can have a huge impact on you and others, physically, emotionally and mentally.

I am here to help you make sense of your anger, where it comes from and help you manage it.

If you live in or near Northamptonshire, seek anger control and manage your rage by contacting Insight Northampton anger management therapy.

Anger Counselling & Management in Northamptonshire can ease the stress of rage

Could it be that you expect too much of yourself ?

Do you expect too much from others ?

Is it to show others how you are feeling but cant tell them ?

Being blamed, criticised ?

Its the only way to be heard ?

You may find you are able to control and manage your anger after counselling!

Anger Counselling & Management in Northampton

Combate Anger and rage- Counselling & Management of anger in Northampton

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