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Anxiety Counselling in Northampton for Depression, Anger, Bereavement, Loss, Self esteem and Relationships

Anxiety Counsellor in Northampton

Anxiety Counselling in Northampton



searching for answers,

trying to make sense of it all,

all those ifs, buts, maybe and whys, feeling lost, lack of control, being controlled, 

lack of clarity, 

fear, being under threat by someone, something,


not being good enough.

These are just  a few feelings and scenarios that can make up Anxiety which can have an effect on you physically, emotionally and mentally.

I'm here to help you understand your feelings and what is making you Anxious and how you can manage it.

  I will try and give you my explanation of Anxiety and one of the areas where it begins and is created.

Imagine being a child; you are sitting on your own in the lounge with a huge bowl of jelly.

I can only guess that you would have a great time throwing it about, smearing yourself in it and eating it, oh what fun.

What would likely to happen when an adult came in to see the affects of you spending time with the huge bowl of jelly?

Could it be that  you are told off? maybe shouted at? maybe punished?

So from having fun, laughter and all those happy feelings spending time with that jelly to being told off, that's its dirty, its wrong. 

I gave this explanation to someone and they replied by saying that they could remember when they used to wet the bed.

That  they felt warm, comfortable and safe in their own urine. Then the realisation hit them; they were going to be punished and shouted at.

These are only a couple of examples of where Anxiety begins, confusion, uncertainty and fear.

Anxiety Counsellor in Northampton

Anxiety Counselling in Northampton

 Anxiety Counselling in Northampton & Northamptonshire
Help combat Anxiety - anxiety Counselling in Northampton

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