Some of the reasons people come for Counselling. Counsellor in Northampton


There is nothing more certain; in that we all have or are going to be faced with bereavement.  

Whether it's the loss of someone, something, a role, job, health, expectations, hope, a pet and so the list goes on.  

For me that is where the similarities end. It is a individual and unique experience and not always a sad or happy one. 

Feelings and thoughts could include relief, Grief, shame, blame, anger, purpose, emptiness, loss, Loneliness, worthlessness, frightened, scared, Why, senlessness, I should have, I ought to have, and once again the list goes on and is individual to you.

If you feel that it would help to have these thoughts and feelings valued, respected listened to then please contact me. Kevin Powell a Counsellor in Northampton


Uncertainty, confusion, searching for answers, trying to make sense of it all, all those ifs, buts and whys, feeling lost, lack of control, being controlled, lack of clarity, fear, being under threat by someone, something, criticism, not being good enough are a few feelings and scenarios that can make up Anxiety.


What is making you angry?
Could it be....
That you have been judged / there has been an injustice?
You are not being listened to or heard?
Being under threat?

to name a few
Anger to me is a natural emotion made up of feelings that are unique to you. The danger is what happens when we are angry, to ourselves and others.


Depression can have an impact on all aspects of you, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Is your mood low due to recent or past events and experiences?

Are you experiencing loss of purpose?

Lack of motivation ?

Lack of energy?

Lack of enthusiasm?

Cant see any point, its all pointless

Its not worth it, your not worth it ?

You feel stuck ?

Events, experiences, feelings are dragging you down?

Are your feelings un-acknowledged, have been suppressed?